Tuesday, 27 September 2011

i want to ride my bicycle

I have a Dawes Duchess bike which I got for the purpose of getting to and from uni. I've been here two weeks. I've ridden it twice.
I'm not a lazy perosn at all - to begin with I didn't ride it because I was afraid of getting run down on the busy main roads but then I fought that fear.Then I found out as I rode smugly back home that all the way back home is a massive great hill. So from then on was a fear of burning thighs and passing out in front of all the cars behind me. But today I rode it again and found (thank god!) a short cut round the back away from main roads where I don't have to embarrass myself if god forbid I need to stop for a lie down (ha! not really.)
Last time I made the dire mistake of wearing a jumper to ride in and then got unbelievably hot (which would be my excuse for feeling faint the first time.) So this time I wore a vest and leggings which was a much bigger improvement, but I have to say I still felt bloody sweaty!!
So now home I feel good about myself that I actually did some exercise without having to spend loads of money on the gym and embarrass myself in front a load of personal trainers.
(Now it's time for a biscuit.... )

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