Friday, 23 September 2011

from london with love

So here I am, finally in London. Jesus, big change. Coming from a small place the tubes and amount of people are a bit of a shock to the system but something that I am sure I could get used to.
Started my fashion journalism course this week, 3 hour lectures are something else I'm going to have to learn to love. But everything has be fascinating so far, there are so many amazing things you can get from the fashion industry, I'm happy I chose the course I really wanted to do.
Something I already love so much about London is the shopping - Topshop is HUGE, urban outfitters is amazing and atleast there is a Primark - I really do need to stop and think about my student budget.
However, purchases this week - Miss Selfridge wedges (I feel in love when I saw them) Rare for Topshop red dress, Topshop jumper & my favourite of the week (along with the wedges) Delilah for Topshop vintage styled dress. Amazing. (but 50 quid !!)
Think that's me rambled out for a day. Bed time.
p.s obviously (and sadly) I am not or do not look like Mary-Kate Olsen (referring to my picture.) I just love her.

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