Tuesday, 27 September 2011

i want to ride my bicycle

I have a Dawes Duchess bike which I got for the purpose of getting to and from uni. I've been here two weeks. I've ridden it twice.
I'm not a lazy perosn at all - to begin with I didn't ride it because I was afraid of getting run down on the busy main roads but then I fought that fear.Then I found out as I rode smugly back home that all the way back home is a massive great hill. So from then on was a fear of burning thighs and passing out in front of all the cars behind me. But today I rode it again and found (thank god!) a short cut round the back away from main roads where I don't have to embarrass myself if god forbid I need to stop for a lie down (ha! not really.)
Last time I made the dire mistake of wearing a jumper to ride in and then got unbelievably hot (which would be my excuse for feeling faint the first time.) So this time I wore a vest and leggings which was a much bigger improvement, but I have to say I still felt bloody sweaty!!
So now home I feel good about myself that I actually did some exercise without having to spend loads of money on the gym and embarrass myself in front a load of personal trainers.
(Now it's time for a biscuit.... )

Monday, 26 September 2011

fashion moments

What defines a fashion moment ?
Colin McDowell, a fashion historian, has documented lots of moments in history that he defines as a "moment," - a trend or fashion that is worth remembering. Like the killer heel or the corset for example. For our course we have to think of our own and I don't have a clue where to start. I love fabrics and materials, how a bag feels or how a jumper feels against your skin. Being a vegetarian I'm not too fond of a real fur coat even though they do look beautiful, (Am I allowed to say that??) but yeah ... so maybe that could be my starting point. Snake skin, faux fur (faux!), feathers - the list is endless.
Who wouldn't be able to live with that one really warm cosy coat they have ?

Saturday, 24 September 2011

too many clothes, not enough money

London fashion weekend - somerset house. love.
Also love one of the songs from the shows - flight facilities, crave you dubstep remix. obsessed with it now.

We saw clothes from Vivienne Westwood, Juicy Couture, Galliano, viktor & rolf etc etc. had a glass of champagne at the bar (had to be done) watched the fashion show, lots of clothes that I could never pull off. Also saw the vintage area, Lucy in Disguise was a must-see as I love love Lily Allen. Obviously the prices were way to high for us but it doesn't hurt to look.
I wore my new maroon jumper from Topshop, tight black skinnies, gold jewelry & beautiful new wedges.

Finally a meal in China Town. Successful day.

Friday, 23 September 2011

from london with love

So here I am, finally in London. Jesus, big change. Coming from a small place the tubes and amount of people are a bit of a shock to the system but something that I am sure I could get used to.
Started my fashion journalism course this week, 3 hour lectures are something else I'm going to have to learn to love. But everything has be fascinating so far, there are so many amazing things you can get from the fashion industry, I'm happy I chose the course I really wanted to do.
Something I already love so much about London is the shopping - Topshop is HUGE, urban outfitters is amazing and atleast there is a Primark - I really do need to stop and think about my student budget.
However, purchases this week - Miss Selfridge wedges (I feel in love when I saw them) Rare for Topshop red dress, Topshop jumper & my favourite of the week (along with the wedges) Delilah for Topshop vintage styled dress. Amazing. (but 50 quid !!)
Think that's me rambled out for a day. Bed time.
p.s obviously (and sadly) I am not or do not look like Mary-Kate Olsen (referring to my picture.) I just love her.