Thursday, 6 October 2011

autumn sun

It's October already! The weather could not decide what it wanted to do at the weekend, it was so hot ! Had to get skirts and vests out again which was a bit confusing. But I love the sun so I can't complain.
This week has been a busy one - getting a lot more work being assigned to us. A lot of deadlines! With journalism the most important thing is deadlines so better stick to them. Went home at the weekend as well which was nice. Wierd though after getting used to London - the rest of England seems so small now in comparison.
We also recently started shorthand. Dear Lord. They say that as a journalist applying for a job having shorthand on your CV is really good. But it's so bloody hard I don't think I'll even pass! 40 words a minute writing loads of symbols ? Definatly lost in translation with that one.
Today the editor of Vice magazine came to talk to us at uni. He was so lovely. He seems to have done some amazing things as well and having done economics at uni just stumbled upon a career in fashion. So jealous! Hopefully one day that will happen for me too.

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