Sunday, 20 May 2012

Paris, je t'adore.

Photo diary of Paris.

The exhibition was amazing. Of course we couldn't take pictures inside which was a shame, but it is well worth a visit. Marc's World.
Me and my friends at the exhibition. I wore a new spotty dress from H&M (far right.)
Cocktails and a meal near the Eiffel Tower at a very chic bar called Le Coq. For our night out I wore a H&M floral top with faux leather collar, leather look leggings and Topshop flats.
Le Tour Eiffel.
Notre Dame.
L'Arc de Triomphe. We climbed it and looked out over Paris.
Second day. I wore H&M blouse with collar clips from ebay, a black jumper because it wasn't the warmest day, Topshop sunglasses and Missguided flats.
Pretty - this was the first time I had seen it at night and it was breathtaking.
One can dream can't they.

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