Wednesday, 22 February 2012


Sorry I haven't written a post in so long - it's been a hectic week so far but today it is over. Thank goodness. One of our new modules involved preparing and making our own photo shoot for Spring/Summer 2012. We shot our shoot today and have so many amazing photos. Sadly as they aren't edited and everything yet I can't put them up here but will do as soon as I can.
We were so lucky we were sent sample sizes from Asos to use and some of the clothes were beautiful and after adding some bits from Topshop and some lovely vintage bits that friends had the clothes and outfits looked amazing. Our story was pastels so we had so many amazing colours - baby blues, pinks, mint green - candy colours. We also got some amazing cupcakes to use as props from an independent bakery that were all in pastel shades and they were so delicious too. Our favourite thing had to be though so headpieces that we were so lucky to borrow from 'Her Curious Nature.' Here's the link to their site because their pieces are just beautiful. (See some of them above.) And below is our lovely model Scarlett who looked amazing in all the clothes.

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